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Accomplish Fitness & Bootcamp
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"Since starting with Accomplish Fitness and Boot Camp in May 2011 I have seen increased energy and I am down several inches. My clothes finally fit and are becoming too big (never thought that would happen). The groups are small right now but they are going to grow when more people learn about the varied training and the caring and experienced trainers.
I am challenged continually and I feel like I have the support and encouragement from the trainers and the group not to give up. I finally feel like I am going to make my goal to improving my health and get the added bonus of losing weight."
~ Sarah
"I have been doing boot camp for 7 weeks now. The first 4 weeks I Iost 3.6% body fat! I was really happy with that loss. I am not as concerned with the weight loss, but my overall fitness. Going to the gym was not working for me, because there was no one there to motivate me except me! I like the atmosphere of boot camp, because it holds me accountable. You get to know the other boot campers and I feel if I don't show up I let them down, as well as myself! My overall goal is to be fit and healthy!"
~ Jenny
Dear Carron,

I am feeling the need to tell you what a thrill it has been for me to have the privilege of working out with you over the past two months. You have allowed me to restore my faith in getting myself back to the body I knew I still had but could not find until you taught me how to do the right things to achieve the absolute best results.

As you know, I am a 54-year-old wife, mother, and grandmother, always putting everyone's needs before mine and running low on energy as the years pass on. Since I began working out with you three days a week and adding Shakeology to my daily food regimen my weight has decreased, my energy has increased, my body is showing new definition, my clothes are fitting comfortably again, and in just one month have lost 3% body fat! I want to shout to everyone I know how fabulous I feel everyday and I have you to thank for it.

The hour flies by and I realize I would not receive this type of therapy anywhere else. My overall feeling of calm, inner strength, and general balance is a true gift. When you give of yourself to others everyday of your life, you learn to truly appreciate the feeling of health when it returns to you. Along with all the obvious signs of getting my SASSY back, my metabolism has obviously reset itself, my blood pressure has been perfectly normal over the past month and my daily arthritis and joint pain have almost disappeared, all while feeling energized and satisfied instead of tired and starving. My life does not need to revolve around mealtime and I truly enjoy my daily, tasty shake, which easily costs less than a Starbucks a day and is far healthier and very yummy.

Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge with me so I can live the second half of my life as healthy and happy as I have the early part of the first years of my life. I look forward to continuing to work with you to achieve my ultimate goal of being the best I can be.

Sincerely Grateful,
Linda Readmon
Courtney before and at halfway point

I have finally found the perfect workout program for me! I was a soccer player many years ago and the I didn't realize how much I missed the structured training that we did. I have been coming to your boot camp for just 5 weeks now, I am down over 12 lbs, and more importantly I feel strong, energized and my fitness level has improved dramatically! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

~ Courtney Barrett

Melissa Before & After

Joining Accomplish Fitness and Boot Camp has to be one of THE BEST decisions I have ever made in my life! Since becoming an Accomplish Fitness camper four months ago, I have shed a staggering 35lbs, 9% body fat and have dropped 4 dress sizes.  In addition, I have noticed increased levels of energy, strength, as well as stamina. All of this would not have been possible without the continuing support, encouragement, and butt-kicking workouts provided by the Accomplish team trainers, Carron Schaer and Sivan McCoy. So, THANK YOU!! Thank you for always pushing me to do better…for always pushing me to BE better!!! I am, without a doubt, a Camper for life!!!

~ Melissa Gravert