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Accomplish Fitness & Bootcamp
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  1. What should I bring with me to Boot Camp?
    All you need to bring to each class is a pilates mat, cold drinking water, a sweat towel, two sets of weights - one light, one heavy and a GREAT attitude.

  2. Where is the best place to purchase a pilates/fitness mat?
    Target, Walmart or Academy Sports have the least expensive mats, they generally cost between $10 and $15.

  3. How often do we lift weights at Boot Camp?
    All Campers should expect a weight workout every single class!

  4. Does Accomplish Fitness and Boot Camp offer refunds?
    No, we do not issue refunds, all sales are final.

  5. Do I have to sign the waiver and fill out my medical questionnaire before I participate?
    Yes, all Campers have to sign their waiver and completely fill out their medical questionnaire before they will be allowed to participate.

  6. Where is the best place to purchase my running shoes?
    Luke's Locker is our recommendation for athletic shoes. They will take the time to custom fit you! They are located at Watters Creek at Montgomery Farm 959 Garden Park Drive, Allen.

  7. Does Accomplish Fitness and Boot Camp offer personal training sessions?
    Yes! We do offer personal training sessions, you and your instructor will determine how many sessions are necessary for you to reach your goal; and will determine times, dates and frequency of sessions.

  8. What if I am late?
    Don't let being late stop you from coming to camp! Even a 35 minute workout is better than none!!

  9. Will I be embarrassed?
    NO!! NEVER!! Campers will NEVER be yelled at but will be encouraged by their instructors and other Campers to do their best!

  10. Who can attend camp?
    Anyone is welcome to attend camp regardless or age or fitness level. We have designed our camps to make sure everyone gets the most out of their workout!

  11. Will we have camp during inclement weather?
    NO! Our top priority is the safety of our campers. We will not hold camp if it is raining, snowing, lightning, or if we have extreme temperatures.