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Accomplish Fitness & Bootcamp
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Your Boot Camp Experience Includes:
4 Weeks of challenging and FUN workouts lead by Certified Personal Trainers! 
On your first day of camp, there will be a light workout, campers will have an opportunity to have their questions answered; we will weigh, take measurements and perform body fat analysis. Campers will fill out a short medical questionnaire, sign their camp waiver and define their goals.

Camp is offered four days a week for one hour a day. Campers will perform a variety of strength training and cardiovascular exercises, speed and endurance training, and partner resistance training; resulting in a more sculpted body, increased metabolism throughout the day and increased confidence!

EVERYONE is welcome to attend regardless of your current fitness level. Camp is not a competition; it is about YOU challenging yourself to be stronger and healthier!

What you need to bring to camp:
- A Yoga mat
- Two sets of dumb bells
  Recommended Weights Based on Fitness Levels:
  Beginners 5 & 7 lbs
  Intermediate 8 & 10 lbs
  Advanced 8, 10, 12 or 15 lbs
- A jump rope
- Workout gloves
- A towel, you will SWEAT!
- Water - LOTS of water!
- A friend!

What does camp cost?
4 Consecutive Weeks of Camp $65.00
3 Consecutive Months of Camp $150.00