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Accomplish Fitness & Bootcamp
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Do you want to change your life, transform your body, mind and health? Whether you want to lose weight, become physically stronger, improve your athletic ability, or improve your overall fitness and health, Accomplish Boot Camp is the place for you!

Accomplish Fitness and Boot Camp
Accomplish Fitness and Boot Camp (AFBC) was founded in 2011 in Murphy, Texas by Personal Trainer Carron Schaer. The goals were straightforward – provide exceptional service, deliver a fun and challenging fitness experience and treat all of our clients/campers with the care and respect they deserve. Since our inaugural boot camp, we are well on our way to helping countless women and men to gain strength, build self-confidence, lose weight, inches and body fat, and to use the tools they have been given to continue living a healthy lifestyle built around fitness.

To use our fitness and nutrition knowledge to educate people and provide them with the tools necessary to live and maintain a healthy, fitness oriented lifestyle.

To assist people in ACCOMPLISHING their goals by providing FUN, challenging and highly-effective fitness programs that provide the opportunity to build core strength, self-confidence and lean muscle while losing weight, inches and body fat. All provided in a highly-encouraging, motivational and non-threatening environment.

Our core values define WHO we are and how we operate AFBC:
2.  Uncompromising Professionalism
3.  Safe and Effective Workouts and Weight Loss Strategies
4.  Delivering an Extraordinary and POSITIVE experience
5.  A Commitment to ONE-ON-ONE Attention and Motivation at EVERY Boot Camp
6.  Promoting a “CAN DO ATTITUDE”: Encouraging campers not to dwell on what they can’t do but to celebrate and excel at what they
     CAN do and be proud of what they can accomplish!
7.  TEAM WORK and Camaraderie: To inspire our campers to work together and support each other in their quest to accomplish their
     fitness goals
Carron Schaer
Owner of AFBC, NASM Certified Personal Trainer & Independent Beachbody Coach

Growing up I was athletic and in shape, but like so many people, over time I became less active. My sedentary lifestyle led me to becoming out of shape and overweight. After the birth of my son in 2007, I knew I had to make a change. I wanted to be able to actively participate in his life and to be able to run and play with him.

My goal was to get healthy and fit, so I began running, working out and eating right. I was so happy with the results I was able to achieve and my 55 lb weight loss, that I became reinvigorated by my new, or rather, rediscovered passion for exercise, fitness and a healthy lifestyle. This led me to becoming an NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Boot Camp Instructor and Independent Beachbody Coach! I love to share my knowledge of health, nutrition and fitness with others and to help them to achieve lifestyle changes.

I have been where many people are with their weight and health. I understand what it’s like to not know where to start. I can help you to change your life; to become the person you envision – a healthy, fit, happy, active person!